What is Digital Cozy Corner?

The Vision

Digital Cozy Corner was conceived and developed by long-time business consultant and digital entrepreneur Pekka Kelkka.

Based on the concept of limitless potential from minimal resources, Digital Cozy Corner provides the opportunity for anyone to launch their own online business from the convenience of their home.

In an ultra-connected world, the opportunity to launch your own online business from the convenience of home has never been greater. This is your time!

Meet Pekka Kelkka

Hi, I’m Pekka Kelkka, a 58 years old entrepreneur from Finland, but living in Dubai for the last 11 years.

It was the Digital World that brought me here to Dubai back in 2006, when I launched a digital signage business.

But as an entrepreneur of 27 years, my online journey began way before that.

I first entered the ‘Digital World’ in 1994 when the internet was in its infancy. Nobody had heard of Google back then and Microsoft hadn’t yet launched its browser, Explorer. If you wanted to ‘surf the net’, you had to use the Netscape browser.

Back in those days, my company developed Europe’s first online payment system. We also developed web-shops, helping companies big and small to have online presence with their first webpages.

The Digital Revolution had begun!

During the last 10 years, that Revolution has evolved into a world-wide phenomenon. It touches all of our lives, every hour of the day, either directly or indirectly.

I now live in the heart of the continuing Digital Revolution and I can tell you that these are very exciting times. So much is happening so fast and ordinary lives can change incredibly quickly, in positive and satisfying ways.

Pekka Kelkka
Finland to Dubai

So, from Finland to Dubai.

Exotic? Actually, it just feels like normal life. The entire world is accessible now from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Running an online business in the digital age allows you to work totally independently, from wherever you want and at the times that best suit you and your lifestyle. In an ultra-connected world, the opportunity to launch and grow your own online business, from the convenience of your home, has never been greater.

Digital Cozy Corner is your doorway into that Digital World. It’s your opportunity to launch your own online venture and to enjoy the benefits it will bring to your life. And I can guarantee you one thing… it will be an exciting ride!

My best wishes,


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The Values

Digital Cozy Corner’s strength and success are founded on Pekka’s lifelong values of honesty, integrity, respect and commitment. When you embark on your new and exciting digital journey, we’re with you every step of the way, sharing that journey with you.

Commit to yourself and your own future and we will commit to you. Get in touch with us today to arrange a call and discover how you can begin re-designing your future!